The holiday season is here. This means parties with your family and friends, fun outings, and new gifts. Yet, preparing your Berks County home for the upcoming events can be stressful. You may have boxes, decorations, and other random items laying out everywhere. You may have a long to-do list with little time to get organized. If this is the case, DAK Self-Storage has your solution. Having some extra storage space during the holidays can be helpful for a variety of reasons.

Make Room for Guests

The holidays are a time for everyone to come together. If you have relatives that live on the other side of the country, they will need a place to stay. When that place is your house, you need to begin to prepare early. Throughout the year it’s convenient to use your guest room as extra storage space. Now you need your spare bed and you need it fast. We can help you get the clutter out of sight and out of mind quickly.

Keep Your Collection Safe

Do you have a special collection and young, mischievous relatives? If you are busy hosting a party, it can be difficult to keep your eye on curious little ones. It only takes the blink of an eye for kids who don’t know better to get into something they aren’t supposed to. The next thing you know, you find them playing with your prized Elvis memorabilia. Avoid this catastrophe by storing your collection and fragile items.

Keep Present Snoopers Away

Do your kids like to snoop? If you have nosey kids, you have to take the time to find a good hiding place every year. Professional seekers may call for relocating your secret spot multiple times. By renting a DAK Self-Storage unit, you can keep presents a secret from prying eyes and not have to worry. This option is especially helpful for large gifts that are difficult to hide.

Store New Gifts You Don’t Have Room For

After the holidays, you may still not have room for all your family’s new toys and gadgets. If you didn’t have time to declutter before the holidays, you may still need some extra room. You can continue to add more time to your unit rental until you get the chance to sort through your items. We will keep your new gifts safe with secure locks and video monitoring.

Store Decorations

As you buy new decorations each year, your collection grows until you start to run out of space. When you only use certain ornaments once a year, there’s no need to keep them nearby. Rotating your seasonal items with a storage unit is a helpful way to make the holidays less stressful. When the holidays roll around, there will be much less frustration to dig everything back out.

Rent a DAK Self-Storage Unit Now

If you need extra space this holiday season, you can view available units here:  We offer both indoor and outdoor units. We also have climate controlled units for items that need to be stored at a specific temperature.

Are you low on cash after buying gifts? There are a variety of ways you can save on a DAK Self-Storage unit. You can check our discount deals page here: Another way to save is to make sure you only rent the amount of space you need. It is helpful to plan and measure all your items before renting a unit. You can also share the storage space with a trusted friend and split the cost.