Spring is just around the corner in Berks County. This means you will likely be going through your home to clear out the dust and clutter. Once you decide what you don’t want anymore, you may consider having a yard sale. You can make some extra cash to update your home while making more space to move around.

Yard sales take some preparation. If you fail to plan for a yard sale, you may encounter some stressful problems. To make sure you have every aspect covered, use these pricing tips from DAK Self-Storage.


The first step to a successful yard sale is to collect all the materials you will need. You will need a place to display your items as well as an organizational system. Fold up tables are a great way to bring your items up to a level where they are easy to view. Cardboard boxes or plastic bins will help you organize items into categories.


When customers store their items at DAK Self-Storage, we highly recommend using labels. You will want to do the same for your yard sale. Without clear pricing labels, you may lose some sales. Some customers may be too shy to ask for a price. Others may be too impatient to wait in line.

You should opt for low-tack stickers so that you don’t ruin the items you are trying to sell. Don’t put any stickers on items that will tear easily. This includes cards, vinyl covers, etc. Use a fine-tip marker to make sure the numbers are easy to see. If you don’t have clear handwriting ask a friend to help, use a label maker, or print price tags off your computer.

Also, buy some paper to make signs for grouped items. If you have a bunch of books, trading cards, or stuffed animals, you can make a collective sign that says how $2 each. This will save you time by not having to individually price each item in a collection.

Plan Ahead

At DAK Self-Storage, we believe that planning is a key to success. You will want to price all your items before your sale starts. Having many people waiting to discuss pricing with you will stress both of you out. It will also waste time. If you are selling items for another person, be sure to discuss the pricing of their items as well. Know both what they want for each item and what the lowest price they will take. You don’t want to have to make a phone call every time a buyer wants to haggle.

Find Pricing References

If you don’t know what to price your items at, find some references. One option is to visit other yard sales in the Berks County area. Find out what similar items are priced at. If there are no yard sales in the area, look online or get some opinions from your friends and family. They are a good source because they are an outsider and on your side. This will help you come up with a fair price. Be sure to do research on more valuable items.

Other Aspects to Consider

When pricing items think about what you would be willing to pay for each item. Remember, these items are used. Don’t use the price you originally paid as a guide, unless it’s an antique or collectible piece. Do not base the price on sentiment either. If the item means that much to you, you should store it away in a DAK Self-Storage unit instead.

Prepare for Hagglers

Finally, you should be prepared for hagglers. Many buyers will be bargain hunting and will want to get items at the best price possible. With this in mind, you may want to mark your prices up a little to make room for hagglers. Don’t make it so unreasonable that potential buyers turn away, though. If you do not want to deal with hagglers, write “firm” on the price tag or make a sign that says no haggling.