Every piece of furniture is different. They are made of different materials and require different care. One item that needs special attention when being stored is a mirror. You can’t just throw one in a DAK Self-Storage unit and forget about it. You need to protect your mirror to ensure it comes out of storage in the same condition you put it in. Dealing with a broken mirror and 7 years of bad luck is not fun! If you need help storing your mirror, check out these tips from DAK Self-Storage.


Mirrors collect dirt easily. You don’t want to store one away if it is covered in dust or smudges. If you do, you may find it in a worse condition when you take it out of storage. Be sure to clean your mirror before storing it at DAK Self-Storage.


The best material you can use to wipe off your mirror is a microfiber cloth. You can also use a chamois or a squeegee. Paper towels will likely leave behind streaks. Use a spray bottle or large bowl to hold your solution. Cotton swabs or a soft toothbrush can also be used to get the dirt out of the corners.

For a cleaning solution, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and distilled water. You can use tap water as well, but it is more likely to leave streaks due to mineral deposits. If you decide to use a commercial glass cleaner, avoid brands that contain ammonia.


After you gather your materials, you can begin mixing your cleaning solution. Mix one part vinegar with four parts water. If your mirror is cloudy, you can try mixing a half cup of rubbing alcohol, two tablespoons of ammonia, and a quarter teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. Shaving foam can also be effective if other materials are not available. For stubborn streaks or stains, use pure white vinegar.

To clean, you will want to apply the solution to the cloth first rather than spraying it directly on the mirror. When applying the solution to the mirror, start rubbing in circular motions. Next, swipe vertically, then horizontally. Don’t forget to dry afterward. If there is dirt in the corners, use a cotton swab or soft toothbrush to dust the corners.


It is important to package your mirror properly to make sure it does break while to move or shuffle it around. You will want to start by making an “X” with some masking take across the mirror. If the mirror falls, this will help keep it from shattering. You will also want to protect the corners with cardboard.

Next, depending on the mirror size, find a towel or two and wrap them around the mirror. Then get two pieces of cardboard that are slightly larger than the mirror. Place them on either side of the mirror. If you want to be extra careful you can use bubble wrap or Styrofoam as a buffer. Secure the layers with packing tape. Many of these materials can be purchased at DAK Self-Storage’s on-site supply store.

Don’t forget to place a warning label on the package so that you know it is fragile when moving. This way, if you are ever in a rush, you won’t forget what you are moving and break your mirror. Finally, store your mirror vertically. If you lay it horizontally, it is more likely to break if items are stacked on top of it or fall on it.


DAK Self-Storage has a variety of units to safely store your mirror or other furniture. We recommend renting a climate-controlled unit for mirrors and furniture. This will help prevent damage due to harsh temperatures or too much moisture. To view available DAK Self-Storage units, please follow this link: https://ecom.quikstor.com/dakselfstorage/ShowAvailableUnits.aspx?action=rent.