Summer is closing in fast and with it hot weather. When those smoldering days strike your more sensitive belongings are in danger.

Anyone who has a non-temperature controlled attic will tell you just how steamy storage space can get, even in private homes. Plastics bend, paper can dry and shrivel, and delicate inks can run. The same can be true of materials stored in a garage.

If you’ve got some valuable possessions it may be time to consider indoor self storage.

What is Indoor Self Storage?

DAK Self Storage features two main areas on it’s campus, the outdoor drive-up rows of units and the indoor storage building.

indoor building








The indoor units feature specific climate control that prevents the temperature from going significantly passed normal room temp. In fact, due to the construction, it is often slightly cool during the summer months.

Each unit inside features it’s own cylinder lock and the building has been properly sealed to prevent pest intrusion.

What is Indoor Storage Good For?

There is a wide variety of items that are appropriate for indoor storage. Since the units range from locker size to large 10×15 bays virtually all kinds of belongings are fair game.

Many people store books, paintings, antiques, and valuable art. Others prefer to store furniture or clothing that they want to make sure are protected.

Of course, volatile and potent liquids like gasoline, oil, etc are restricted. The safety and comfort of all tenants is critical.

Is My Stuff Well Taken Care Of?

indoor self storage unitsAs mentioned earlier, all units feature tamper resistant cylinder locks. In addition the building utilizes a layer of keycode access. This is in addition to the entire facility being fenced with keycode access only through the driveway.

The facility is also closely monitored 24/7 via video surveillance.

What Should I Do To Rent?

If you’re interested in renting a unit, start of by browsing our different available sizes and deals. Be sure to keep an eye out for the ones labelled “indoor”.

If you find a unit that is suitable, you can either proceed with renting the unit online or call at 610-926-1310.

We’re a privately owned company and we look forward to helping you personally with the process!