checklist-1402462_960_720You might have never thought of making a home inventory before, but is a tool that can help you immensely. It can seem like a tedious task, but when disaster strikes, you will thank yourself for being prepared. You should keep track of all your possessions in your home, business, and DAK Self-Storage unit.

If you lost your belongings in a disaster tomorrow, would you be able to list everything you lost? Would you know what each item is worth? DAK Self-Storage in Leesport highly recommends keeping an inventory so you can answer these questions.

Know What You Have

The greatest benefit of keeping an inventory is knowing what you own. DAK Self-Storage has seen many items go forgotten in our storage units. Sometimes people forget what they bought a few years ago. Then when they need that item again, they buy a new one. Keeping a home inventory can help you save money by showing you the items you already have. You won’t have to buy extra air mattresses, beach chairs, camping tents, etc. again.

A home inventory can also help you find specific items when you are looking for them. When you don’t use items often, you put them away somewhere. Then when you need it again, you can’t find it. If you record where your items are stored, you can easily find them when you need them.

Insurance Purposes

business-861323_960_720In Berks County, we have unpredictable weather. Too much rain, snow, or high winds can cause natural disasters that destroy your items. Fires and robberies are also a possibility. Your insurance may cover some of these tragedies.

If you don’t have proper documentation, it will be more difficult to prove what you have lost. Having a home inventory can give you documentation of what items you have and what they are worth. With a home inventory, you can settle your insurance claims faster.

DAK Self-Storage also recommends purchasing insurance when storing items at our Leesport Facility. DAK Self-Storage has proper security to keep your items are safe. We also keep a clean facility to avoid pests and destructive elements. However, DAK Self-Storage is not personally responsible for your items. Getting insurance is the best way to ensure you are compensated when items are stolen or damaged. You can learn more about our insurance policy at this link:

How to Make One

There are a variety of ways to make a home inventory. First, you should gather materials. You can use apps on your smartphone, your computer, or just use a notebook. You will also need a camera and any receipts you have. Start by walking around your home and taking pictures or video of your items. Record both an overview of the room and a close-up of each item.

Next, create a list with all the items. Using a spreadsheet with different categories will make it easier to track your items. Here are some details you should include.

  • The items name or description.
  • The manufacturer, brand, model, serial number, etc.
  • Where it is located.
  • How much it cost.
  • Notes about the condition of the item.

Having this information will help you keep track of your items and file insurance claims. Be sure to keep your records in a safe place and update it regularly. If you forget to record new items or items you move, your records will not be as useful. It is also helpful to keep more than one copy of your inventory.

Too much stuffDon’t Forget to Include Your Items at DAK Self-Storage

When you don’t have enough storage in your home for all your belongings, you can store them at DAK Self-Storage in Berks County. You can view available units here: DAK Self-Storage Available Units. If you do store items at DAK Self-Storage, be sure to create an inventory of the items in your unit. You should label boxes as well. Staying organized will make managing your belongings easier.