If you’re shopping around for self storage you’ve probably encountered a bunch of different terms to describe the actual storage units. You might have heard storage referred to as: self storage, mini self storage, storage lockers, or more.

Although at first glance it would seem that “mini self storage” would be noticeably smaller than other storage means (hence the mini), the truth is it’s all relative.

The different terms for self storage have developed independently and have little influence on each other. One storage facility may refer to all of it’s units as storage bays, while another may use the term mini storage.

dak self storage mini storageIn effect, each descriptor is attempting to describe what you commonly see every day at self storage facilities. These are the colored garage-bay-looking units that vary in shape, size, and quality.

Mini storage units can vary widely in size, from 5’x5′ to 10’x30′ and more. Of course, none are as big as airplane hangers so they are all relatively mini.

These kind of units can be either indoor or outdoor, depending on the level of protection the renter requires. Each door also has an independent lock on it, granting the user access to their unit without interfering with any others.

Mini Self Storage tends to be a viable option for individuals who require the following:

  • More space in their home
  • Added storage for their business
  • A temporary holdover space when moving
  • A safe location to store non-temperature-sensitive valuables
  • And more

If you’re considering renting a mini self storage space, don’t get tripped up by the terminology. Instead, focus on the quality and price structure of the storage facility.