This is a positive story coming out of Berks County. and featured on “The Wall Street Journal”.  Two local policemen from the Berks and Lycoming areas have been honored with the State Police Medal of Honor.

According to the report:

Sgt. Adam R. Kosheba, from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Dauphin County, and Cpl. Brad J. Eisenhower, of Troop F, Montoursville, Lycoming County, received medals during an awards ceremony at the State Police Academy in Hershey.

Kosheba received the honor for his actions during a shootout with a man who killed Berks County Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Pagerly.

Eisenhower received the award for helping a young mother and her two children who were stranded on the roof of their home by rising floodwaters.” – WSJ

Kosheba had been involved in an intense pursuit of a local felon. The situation came to climax at a secluded forest cabin where the perpetrator opened fire with an AK 47. Sadly Kosheba’s partner was fatally wounded during the altercation but Kosheba was able to land return fire killing the felon.

Eisenhower found himself in a difficult situation as he attempted to rescue the stranded family. He attempted to wade to the home in question by using a rope tie system with his partner but was unsuccessful. He later assisted in a helicopter recovery.


Often we only think about police when they pull us offer for speeding, but it’s critical to remember the important work they do on a weekly basis. Putting themselves in harm’s way to serve and protect. We should take a moment to thank these individuals and remember those who have fallen in the line of duty.