Tuckerton is nestled between Leesport and Muhlenburg PA. The town features a number of interesting businesses, including the highly reputable Karetas Foods and the innovative Furniture Soup.

Tuckerton also functions as a hub for nearby towns like Reading. It’s connection to important highways make it a desirable stop for individuals who have business in nearby areas.

For individuals living in Tuckerton or basing their businesses out of the area, Self Storage may be a service worth considering. Luckily, DAK Self Storage is less than 10 minutes away, located in Leesport.

Why Use Self Storage?

At first self storage may seem like an added expense, but really it saves individuals time and money. Companies that have lots of equipment and supplies often find their work spaces cluttered and disorganized. By moving the unessential pieces to a spacious self storage unit, not only is their office better organized but their supply area as well.

Normal homeowners or apartment renters also get great value out of self storage. Losing an entire room (or two) to jumbled junk is like paying extra rent or mortgage for useless space. Instead, spending $30-$50 a month for protected space at DAK makes life a lot easier.

Why Is DAK a Good Option?

DAK Self Storage is a popular choice for Tuckerton residents. The close proximity and easy drive make it highly accessible any day of the week. Furthermore, DAK offers some of the best rates in the area.

The DAK facility itself is extremely high quality and well protected. The entire grounds are fence-inclosed with gate access only. Both indoor and outdoor units are available, all featuring high test metal doors with cylinder locks. The indoor units are climate controlled for sensitive materials.

Where is DAK?

25 Peach Street, Leesport, PA 19533

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What’s the First Step to Renting a Unit?

If you’re interested in renting a storage unit, your first step should be to browse our available units online. Click here to browse.

If you aren’t sure what size unit you might need, we’ll help you figure it out. Reach out to us using the online consultation form or call at 610-926-1310.