lego-blocks-1645504_960_720Kids love playing with their toys, but may not fond of cleaning up. That is why many parents choose to set aside a separate room for them to play. It may be a spare room, the child’s bedroom, or a finished basement. Either way, this room tends to get messy fast. Kids like to play with one toy for a short period, and then move on to their next toy. When they don’t put their toys away, the room looks like a tornado ran through the room.


When you have guests, or your kids have friends over, you may worry about this room. It can be difficult and stressful to clean up. If this scenario sounds familiar, DAK Self-Storage in Leesport is here to help. By setting up a storage system and using DAK Self-Storage’s tips, you can make any room look great.

  • Store Similar Items Together  If your child’s toys are scattered and you don’t know where to begin, start by categorizing. Here are some helpful categories and tips from DAK Self-Storage to get you started:
  • Sports Equipment and Outdoor Toys – Store in your garage or at DAK Self-Storage during the winter.
  • Games and Puzzles – Can be stacked neatly on shelving, in a closet, or in hanging organizers.
  • Playsets – If they don’t have a box, buy one to make storage easier.
  • Stuffed Animals, Dolls, and Figurines – Set up shelves around the room to display or place them in a toy box.
  • Electronics – A chest of drawers can be helpful in storing various electronics. Stack games neatly in a drawer or get a disc case to save space. Neatly wind wires around a piece of cardboard. Put controllers and gaming accessories in their own drawer.
  • Books – Line them up neatly on a bookshelf. Keep books of the same series together.
  • Craft Supplies – Buy craft organizers with separate drawers. Keep separate supplies in different drawers.
  • Costumes – If you have a closet nearby, hang costumes there. If not, buy a trunk and neatly stack folded pieces inside.

Be sure to take advantage of storage furniture. It can help hide the clutter and keep your playroom looking great! You can store toys in ottomans, drawers, and under bed storage units.


When organizing boxes, stack them by category, size, and weight. Put similar toys together to make them easier to find later. DAK Self-Storage also recommends putting larger and heavier boxes on the bottom. When you put heavy boxes on top of light boxes, the boxes on the bottom will likely become squished.

grandstand-330930_960_720Board games, puzzles, and books are stackable, but some toys have many loose parts. This can make them difficult to store. A simple solution is to buy storage bins. Separate different sets, into different boxes. Then stack the boxes on a shelf or in a closet. Labeling and color coding can also be helpful.

Also, be sure to put the toys your child plays with the most in an easily accessible place. DAK Self-Storage offers the same advice for customers storing any items at our facility. The best way to stay organized is to make sure that every toy has a place. This will ease cleaning your playroom in the future.

Keep a Separate Bin for Lost Pieces

A common issue that occurs when playrooms get messy is lost pieces. You may find stray game pieces, doll shoes, and building pieces all over the floor. When you find a piece, you may not know where the playset is. A simple solution for this situation is to keep a stray parts bin.

DAK Self-Storage recommends storing it somewhere convenient. This way when you don’t have time to look for the game, you can simply toss it in the bid. Then when you find the game, you know where the piece is. You can also go through the bin regularly to return pieces to their toys.

Outdoor Toys

Your child may also have a collection of sports equipment and outdoor toys. Most parents store these toys in the garage or basement, but they can take up a lot of room. This can make it difficult to move around. If there are scooters, bikes, and other toys in front of your tools, have to take extra time to move them out of the way. DAK Self-Storage can help you get these items safe and out of the way.

If you live in Berks County, your kid’s toys are never far away. You can keep the most used items in your home and store the rest in one of DAK’s convenient storage units. During the winter, you can store any items in one of our climate-controlled units to keep them warm and dry. You can find available DAK Self-Storage units here: