lego-708088_960_720If you have kids, you are likely used to having to watch your step. No one likes that sharp pain of stepping on a Lego or tripping over Disney dolls. When it comes to kids, you love to see them happy when they get a new toy. Unfortunately the more toys they have, the messier your home becomes.

DAK Self Storage in Leesport understands that too much clutter stresses you out. We also know that is can be difficult to get your kids to do chores. Thus, DAK Self Storage has created this guide to help you convince your kids to clean up their mess.

Explain Why It Is Important to Declutter

Just like you, most kids believe that it doesn’t make sense to so something they don’t enjoy doing. This is especially true it there are no benefits or consequences. Thus, you need to teach them the benefits and consequences of clutter. Here are some example benefits that you can teach to your child.


  • More room to play and move around.
  • Mommy and Daddy are happier when the room is clean.
  • When you put your toys away, they won’t get lost or broken.

To add more motivation, you may also want to consider creating a rewards system. Give your child a list of chores and reward them for doing them. You can take them on an outing, buy them a small toy or let them have their friends over.

Make Sure Everything Has a Place

At DAK Self Storage, we know how important a good organization system can be. The better you learn to organize items, the easier they are to find. DAK Self Storage recommends creating storage spaces in your child’s room or playroom. Make sure all their toys have a place. This will promote putting toys away when your child is finished playing with them. If they don’t know where to store an item, they will be more likely to leave it laying on the floor.

Without storage unit, your child will have a tougher time cleaning up. If they have too many toys, they may not know where to store them. Then they will likely shove everything into a closet or under the bed just to make their room look clean. Then they will just take everything out again and make a mess. Having proper storage units can help solve this problem.

child-1528309_960_720Use Music

In Disney’s Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins uses music to get Jane and Michael to clean their nursery. There’s a good reason for it too. Music can help distract you from your chores by getting you to focus on something else. Tidying up can be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to put certain items. Music also helps reduce this stress and elevates your mood. It stimulates your brain and helps you solve problems. Does your child get cranky when you ask them to clean? Try using their favorite music as a distraction can help them get the job done.

Have a Garage Sale

If you want your child to get rid of some of their toys, try convincing them to sell some at a yard sale. It is a good idea to sell some of your items as well. This will help them feel like they are not alone. Let them keep the proceeds of whatever they sell. This way they will feel that they are gaining something and not just losing their toys. With luck, they may also see other children happy with their toys and learn the joys of giving.

Storing Away Items at DAK Self Storage

If you have any items left over from the garage sale or items you just can’t part with, store them DAK Self Storage. By storing them in a DAK Self Storage unit you can keep them from taking up space in your home, but still keep them for later. If you live in Berks County, your items will be just a short drive away if you ever need them. At DAK Self Storage they will be safe and secure until you need them.