There are many reasons to downsize your possessions at different stages of your life. As you move from childhood to adulthood, getting rid of some belongings can free up space. You can reinvent your style and make moving to a new home easier. Reducing your properties as you move into your golden years will make life simpler.

Whether you have collections, photos, or family heirlooms, DAK Self-Storage can help you declutter. We can also store your possessions in a safe place where they are only a short drive away from your Berks County home. You don’t have to get rid of everything. Yet, getting rid of the items that are just taking up space, can help you live an easier worry-free life.

Set a Schedule

If you have a lot to go through, don’t expect to get through it all at once. Sit down a make a plan to tackle it a little bit at a time. When sorting items that are connected to memories, it is easy to get distracted. You may find yourself playing with your old toys or sharing memories with friends and family. DAK Self-Storage recommends setting goals for each day and focusing on one project at a time.

Convert to Digital

The most time-consuming part of your downsizing may be photos, drawings, and other papers. While the photos may not take up much space, to begin with, you can save even more space by digitizing them. You can buy your own scanner or have it done by a professional. Your photos will also be safer stored your computer. They can’t be damaged in a fire, flood, or lost in your attic. Be sure to create multiple copies in different places so that you have some backups.

Avoid “Maybe” Piles

It is tempting to sort some belongings into a “maybe pile.” You likely have some items that you never use, but keep because of the memories that are attached to them. Too often, these items just stay in a DAK Self-Storage unit or your attic. They may not see the light of day until you decide to declutter again. Use yes or no questions to make concrete decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of.

Choosing What to Keep

So, how do you decide what to do with each item? There are a variety of simple questions you can ask yourself.

  • How often do I use this or think about it?
  • Can it be replaced?
  • Can I pass it down to my child?
  • Is it still in good condition?
  • How much would I miss this item if it were gone?

If you use the item often, it is probably a good idea to keep it. If it can easily be replaced, this is a reason to get rid of it. Items that have been in your family for generations are important. They should be kept as long as they are in decent condition. Overall, you need to determine the importance of the item being in your possession.

Keeping items in a DAK Self-Storage unit is also a viable option when you don’t have enough home storage.

Where to Put What You Don’t Want

You likely don’t want to just throw away your treasured items. You want to see them go on to be of use to someone else. One option is to give them to your children or younger relatives. If it’s an item connected to you or your family’s legacy you will want to keep it in the family. Then someday your kids will tell their kids this belonged to you and explain their family history.

Another option is to sell or donate. When selling be sure to know what your item is really worth. If it is an antique or collectible, get it appraised by a professional. Don’t just sell it online. You will want to make sure it goes to the right person who will appreciate and care for it. If it is a more common item, you can donate it to someone in need.

Use Your Storage Space as a Guide

Still unsure about how much to keep? Use your DAK Self-Storage unit or home storage space as a guide. Measure how much space you have and only keep your favorite items that fit inside. Having a goal for downsizing your items is a great way to stay on track. It helps you keep perspective of each item so you don’t end up keeping a majority of your items. If you would like to view our available Leesport units, you can do so here: