christmas-743444_960_720The holiday season is here. Many Berks County residents already have their Halloween decorations out. Before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving and so on. With many holidays to collect decorations for, your storage areas are likely getting packed. You may still have decorations from years ago that you don’t display anymore. If so, it’s time to declutter with DAK Self-Storages tips. If you still do not have enough room, consider renting a DAK Self-Storage unit in Leesport.


To start, pick which holidays decorations you are going to go through. If you have different holidays mixed together, getting your decorations out can be tedious. You may have to move Halloween decorations out of the way to get to the other decorations you need. By sorting through one holiday at a time, you can put them back together to make next year easier.


Whichever holiday you choose, put all your decorations in a single pile. Begin by making one pile of items you are planning on displaying this year; put the rest in a pile to get rid of. Once you have separate piles, you can begin putting them on display. With the other pile, you can decide if you want to give them away or throw them away. If they are damaged or worn, you will likely want to throw it away.

You don’t need many decorations to make your home festive. Too many decorations can make your home look cluttered. Use a minimalist approach. It will keep your home looking both festive and classy. Plus, you won’t have as many decorations to clean up later.

autumn-21498_960_720Store in Smaller Containers

Packing your decorations into smaller containers can help decrease the mess. When you store many different decorations in a large container, there may be a lot of empty space left in the box. The items will likely move around while you are carrying the box. Then they may break, tangle, spill, or get scratched. Smaller boxes leave little room for your items to move around. With less room to roll around, fewer items will get tangled or damaged.

If you still want to use big boxes, try placing similar decorations in smaller boxes first. Then you can just stack the smaller boxes into the larger container. DAK Self-Storage recommends using plastic bins to keep water, dirt, and bugs out. If you are on a budget, though, cardboard boxes can provide decent protection.

Label Your Boxes

Labeling your boxes can also help you during the decorating process. When a nice weather hits Berks County you want to get your outdoor decorating done. You don’t want to wait because it might be cold and rainy the next day. If your boxes aren’t labeled, you have to go through each box to find the decorations you are looking for. This can be stressful and time-consuming.

By labeling your boxes, you can find the decorations you need in just a few seconds. You can get your outdoor decorations up and save the indoor ones for a rainy day. Another tip is to have an “open me first box” for decorations you would like to start with. If you store decorations at DAK Self-Storage, we also recommend storing the items you need most near the front of the unit.

Lights, Garland, and Bead Chains

String decorations can be frustrating during the holidays. You put them back neatly the year before, but somehow they always manage to get tangled. You could spend hours untangling and fixing lights that don’t work. DAK Self-Storage recommends winding string decorations around cardboard or a coffee can before storing. This will give a solid center so that the lights can move around and get tangled as easily.