The right accessory can complete any outfit. If you have the right hat, shoes, a scarf or shades, you can go from plain Jane to a Fashionista. You may have collected a variety of accessories, but may not know how to store them. Many people dream an organized closet and dresser. Yet, they may not know how to organize everything to make it look nice and neat. They may just toss your accessories in a drawer so they are not laying around. Then they may get scratched or bent out of shape. DAK Self Storage in Leesport is here to help. With these tips, you can protect and neatly store your accessories.


Hats keep your head protected and can be a focal point for your outfit. You don’t want them to get bent or frayed while in storage. At home, an easy solution is to hang your hats on hooks. Another option solution is hanging a string across the wall or room. Then you can use clothespins to hang your hats from the wire.

If you are planning to store hats at DAK Self Storage, you will need to protect your hats from the elements. It is a good idea to buy hat boxes from a local retail store, craft store, or fabric store. If you have many boxes, be sure to stack them with the heaviest and largest hats on the bottom. You may also want to stuff the hat with tissue paper used by clothing stores. This will help ensure that your hats keep their shape.


Many shoes are seasonal. Boots are used in autumn and winter, while sandals are used in spring and summer. Then you have sneakers for exercising and dress shoes for special occasions. With so many shoes it can be difficult to figure out a neat way to store them. They don’t look nice just sprawled all over the floor.

A simple home solution is to buy a shoe rack or over the door organizer. If you are on a budget, you can find items around your home to make your own shoe racks such as wood, pipes, or boxes.

If you rent a DAK Self Storage unit, you will want to store your shoes in cardboard boxes or plastic containers. Before you store them be sure to clean them and stuff them with clothing tissue paper. This will keep potential pests out and help the shoe to keep its shape.

cold-1284030_960_720Scarves and Gloves

When you store your scarves, you don’t want them to get wrinkled or stained. The best way to prevent this is to roll them up like you would a sleeping bag. This helps prevent folds and leaves only a small surface area for potential stains.

When you store gloves, you don’t want to lose one. If your gloves have clips, make sure they are latched together. If your gloves don’t have clips, you can use a rubber band or string to keep them together. You can also keep them together in a bag. This will help keep them protected.

When storing these items at home, a smart solution is to store them in a pocketed over-the-door organizer. You can place each rolled up scarf or pair of gloves in their own separate compartment. If the back of your door is inaccessible, you can also buy or create dividers that allow you to organize them the same way, but in a drawer. When storing them at DAK Self Storage, you should place them in a cardboard box or plastic storage bin to keep dust, dirt, and allergens out.

Glasses and Sunglasses

If you need to store your glasses, your main concern should be preventing cracks and smudges. When storing sunglasses, you should make sure that there are no sharp or greasy items nearby. You may also want to keep them in a separate case or bag.

If you want them displayed and easily accessible, there are a variety of alternatives. If you want a simple do-it-yourself solution, you can hang a row of glasses using ribbon. You can install two hooks on the wall or on a plaque and stretch the ribbon across. You can also hang them on a clothing hanger. If you store them in the closet using this method, be sure that other items will not crush your glasses.

When storing your sunglasses in a DAK Self Storage unit, you will want to make sure they are protected. You can buy cases, specially made for glasses, online or at some retail stores. You will also want to make sure they are clean before storing.


One of the most important aspects you want to keep in mind when storing purses is protecting the straps. If you hang purses by their straps for more than a few days, the straps will stretch, weaken and possibly break. This process will happen even faster if the contents of the purse are heavy or the straps are thin.

Purses can be tricky to store nicely. They can often end up on a messy pile that falls over a lot. A smarter way to store them is by using shelves with separate cubicles. You can also hang them in a row of hooks, or hang them from a bar in your closet.

When storing them in a DAK Self Storage unit, you will want to make sure they are covered, cleaned, and upright. Like hats, you may also want to stuff them with clothing tissue paper to help them keep their shape. If you don’t have tissue paper, plastic wrap or bubble wrap can also work nicely.

Extra Storage Tips

Before storing any items in a DAK Self Storage unit, you will want to make sure they are clean.  Be sure to check what material your accessories are made of. Then learn how to properly clean that material. If you have any other questions, you can ask one of DAK Self Storage’s employees. You can contact us through our website, by phone, or visit our facility in Berks County.