From the start of the Self Storage shows on television DAK Self Storage received about four to six phone calls a week, asking if we have storage auctions. this normaly happens the day after one of  the shows has aired. I knew the shows would get people interested in the business. In fact I watch the” Reality” shows also. Heck if I did not know about this necessary part of the business I would be thinking the same thing. Who knew that this type of thing happens on a daily basis in the United States?  Here is a short list of good and bad things about the shows:

  1. The television shows say abandoned storage units. Although some may be abandoned, about 75 % are people I try to work with to help them get back the items they hold dear enough to store. Many times a tenant just hit a rough patch in their life and they are glad they can work out a payment option rather then lose all of their possessions.  The other 25 % are another story. They come up with excuse after excuse about why they can’t pay. Most of them will not even return my phone calls. I guess those are the abandoned units.
  2. The cast of the shows are always shown with the jackpot storage unit or the “WOW’ factor. I have never seen them take the entire unit to the dump. This happens far more than the jackpot unit. How about a show called Storage junkyard wars?
  3. Here in Berks County,our small part of the United States we get nothing near the bids they are receiving on the shows. The shows have helped bring up attendance and the bid prices up slightly. Thank you for that. We used to only get anywhere from 2-5 bidders. The last sale we had about 25-30 people that signed the bid sheet, but they brought along their entire family. That makes it look like a hundred people are here and it slows down the sale. On the plus side, a unit I would have normally received a $25.00 to $50.00 bid; I received bids up to $180.00. Good yes, made back the past due rent no. I really think the boom will not last. It is hard work going through people’s belongings after you are the winning bidder.
  4. When they show the cast tossing out the trash onto the drives and up against the building walls and doors, it gets me fired up. If I saw or heard that going on here it would be stopped fast. That person would be warned and if they do not act as if it is their property, they would not be allowed at another of our Lien Sales.
  5. The editors need to watch for continuity on the show. While watching one show my wife and I both said “Did you notice that?” When they cut the lock and lifted the door on a 5X10 unit, they showed a rocking chair and to the side boxes lying sideways. A few scenes later the boxes were all upright and taped nice. Good thing for DVR’s. When we rewound and sure enough it was wrong. Reality Hmmm.
  6. You cannot cherry pick the units and leave the junk. You purchased the whole unit take it with you. On the one show, a cast member seems to get his one odd or peculiar item and leave. This will get you barred from future sales here also. And you will forfeit the security deposit you paid when you won your bid.
  7. Storage facilities are not the evil business that sold your belongings. The lien sale is a necessary part of the industry to get back the money for the product we sell. That product is space and we do try to help you with that. Here at DAK Self Storage we have never received more than the tenant owes us. And believe it or not after your unit is sold you may very well still owe a balance. Next time you are behind in rent; call the manager. I would bet they would try to help you keep your stuff. I know we do.