The self storage industry has increased in size and breadth over the last decade. Many people are surprised to learn that it is a relatively new industry, and that it is growing at a noticeable rate.

One development is the integration of mobile storage containers. Some companies have taken the storage concept “on the road”, and can now deliver metallic storage boxes where you might need them.

Is it Uhaul?

Mobile storage containers are not quite the same thing as Uhaul and other similar companies. While those businesses rent a truck or van with storage capacity, you are obligated to unload all goods in a certain number of hours or days. Ultimately, the process is quick and imperminent.

Mobile storage containers have a longer time span in mind. The unit itself is detachable from the truck it arrives on, and can be reserved for months on end.

What Are the Pros/Cons of Mobile Containers?

The first and most obvious benefit of the mobile container is it’s ability to come to you. The saves some trouble with getting your possessions to a standard storage facility.

Similarly, you can then have that same container delivered to your new storage container

On the other hand, the cost-per-size is not as efficient as a normal storage facility. You can get more square footage for less with standard units (assuming the storage facility is running reasonable rates and is not in an expensive urban area).

Another con of mobile containers is the lack of temperature control. Many storage facilities offer particular buildings that are better suited for valuable items.

Furthermore, when using a standard self storage unit, you have constant access to it and are fully aware of your content’s location. Depending on stacking, you might not have easy drive-up access to a mobile unit.

Weighing Your Needs

If mobility is a top concern for you, you can consider a mobile container. However, if space, reliability, and affordability are on your list, you might consider a more standard storage facility.