A self storage facility in Texas experienced an accident every storage owner dreads – a massive acid spill. It’s one of those “worst case scenario” situations that you never imagine happening, but can never truly rule out.

The Texas facility in question was forced to evacuate, as Inside Self Storage reports:

“Metroplex Self Storage in Colleyville, Texas, was evacuated yesterday after 275 gallons of sulfuric acid spilled inside the facility and ran onto a roadway. A small amount also reportedly trickled into a storm drain. One man was injured, suffering burns to his hands and feet.

Industrial Boulevard, which runs adjacent to the facility, was closed yesterday afternoon as hazardous-materials workers used clay to contain the spill and absorb the acid. Officials blamed a damaged valve for the incident.”

It’s not clear from the article whether or not the storage facility was actively involved in the manufacturer’s everyday process, or if there were simply pipes running through the storage facility.

If there were pipes pumping sulfuric acid through the storage facility, one is forced to wonder if the storage owners included that information prominently in their rental agreements. I, for one, would be shocked to find out my belongings were one busted pipe away from an acidy end.

If the pipe broke on the manufacturer’s grounds and drained down toward the storage facility, it is likely they will now have to pay for a barrier wall between the two businesses to avoid future incident as well as extensive cleanup fees.

For DAK Tenants: Acid Policy

If you have the desire to store big vats of acid at DAK Self Storage…please don’t. That stuff can drain into other units and into the sewage system, causing untold damage. Let’s work together to keep DAK acid-free.