fall storage

As summer 2014 comes to an end, we say goodbye to glorious beach days and sunny family barbecues. We say hello to back-to-school and crisp fall evenings. It’s sad to see the summer go, but the fall is inevitable and comes with some things to look forward to as well, like warm apple cider and cozy sweaters. Changing seasons means a change in your routine and the items you need on a regular basis. Here are some self storage tips to help you prepare for fall:

1. Decide What You Won’t Need

Keep track of all the items you won’t be using until Memorial Day and need to store. Planning is key to a smooth transition and to make sure you don’t forget any summer items that will take up valuable space in your house over the winter.

Some examples:

  • Lawn chairs and outdoor furniture
  • Pool floats and toys
  • Beach chairs and umbrellas
  • Summer clothing
  • Camping, fishing, or hiking gear
  • Garden tools or decorations
  • Golf clubs, bikes, and other sports equipment

2. Decide What You Do Need

What do you need for the coming fall and winter? Visit your storage unit and figure it out before you try and squeeze all your summer gear into it. Organization and advance planning is important for minimal stress and a smooth, easy transition. It’s difficult to fish out that small box of holiday ornaments if you remember them after you’ve already loaded your lawn chairs and beach umbrellas into your unit.

3. Properly Store Everything

Make sure every summer item is properly stored for the winter. Anything exposed to the elements like sports equipment or outdoor furniture should be washed and dried before you store it to prevent rust, damage, or odor. Make sure any sports equipment is in working order before you store it as well. You don’t want to risk an injury by forgetting it’s broken and using it next year.

Stackable plastic storage bins can keep smaller items like summer clothing and decorations organized and protect from dust. Make sure to label the bins so it’s easy to sort through your items next year.