Nearly every home has some sort of junk drawer that looks like an ISPY page. It’s filled with craft supplies, makeup, small tools, etc. It can be difficult to find anything in this drawer because you have to sort through so many random bits and pieces before you get to what you want. It often takes you longer than anticipated and can become very frustrating. There is hope, however, because DAK Self Storage in Berks County has created this guide to help you avoid random piles of paraphernalia and help keep your drawers organized.


Create Organizational Systems

The first step to avoiding your items getting thrown in a pile is to create organizational systems. Make sure everything has a place. When you are cleaning up and don’t know where to put something, it can cause headaches trying to figure out where to put it. Then you probably end up just throwing it in your junk drawer and decide to deal with it later. By creating an organizational system you can avoid this problem and keep your storage places looking nice.

When creating an organizational system, keep items with similar uses together. For instance, keep pens, paper, rubber bands, and paper clips together because they are all used for writing and dealing with papers. This will also help you know where to look for certain items when you don’t remember where you put them. All you have to think about is what the item is used for and go to your storage place for those types of items.

It is also a good idea to keep items near where you use them. Keep writing utensils and paper near the phone, beauty, grooming tools near the bathroom, and tools near the garage. This will help improve convenience so that you don’t have to walk across the entire house to get what you need. It will also promote putting your things away more often  as you will not have to go as far to do so.

Buy Organizational Storage

Another way to avoid a disorganized pile is to buy the proper storage containers for your items. For writing utensils, you can get a desk organizer. For makeup, you can get a makeup box. Then you can simply slip the organizer into a drawer or place the makeup box under your sink. For larger items, you can get all kinds of different storage boxes in various sizes at almost any local retail or craft stores. All you have to do is neatly place your items in the box and then stack the boxes in your closet or room. It will end up looking much nicer than a random pile of items.

If you end up with an overflow of boxes and do not have a place to put them, you may want to consider renting a storage locker from DAK storage in Leesport. They have small 5’ x 5’ units that can easily fit dozens or boxes or items you don’t know what to do with.


Clean Out Drawer Regularly

The longer you allow a pile to go without cleaning it, the bigger and more cluttered it becomes. After a while you may start to accumulate  empty containers, writing utensils without ink, and other items that have become ruined or stained. The best way to keep this issue from growing is by sorting through the pile or drawer regularly. Get rid of all the items that you haven’t used recently and neatly organize the items you wish to keep. Decluttering your drawer can help you feel accomplished and happier as well.

If you have trouble deciding what to throw away, there are several methods that can help you. You can cover your table with paper or plastic and then dump the entire contents of the drawer on it. Put what you want back in the drawer and then just roll up the rest in the table coverings and toss it. If you are unsure about certain items, a simple solution is to hide them somewhere for 30 days. If you didn’t miss them, toss them.

Decluttering your home can help you feel happy, healthier and in control. When you have a cluttered mess, it can be depressing to look at. By learning proper storage techniques you can create ease and convenience in your life. If you need advice on organizing your items, visit DAK Self Storage’s blog to learn tips and tricks on storing your items properly: