Joe and Donna Krezdorn, owners of DAK Self Storage, are long time riders. Joe has owned a Harley Davidson for years and rides whenever possible.

His experience has made him acutely aware of the needs of motorcycle owners. It has been his desire since opening DAK Self Storage to make it a rider friendly environment. So if you are a bike owner, read on to learn why storing with DAK may be the best option for you.

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Keeping it Clean

Bikes may be outdoor vehicles but that doesn’t mean storing them outdoors is ideal. In a state like PA, weather can shift from hot and humid to icy to rainy and everything in between. Getting the most out of your bike’s life requires diligence, and that means keeping it clean.

It can be tough finding proper storage. People living in apartments or with cluttered garages find themselves in a pinch or having to settle for subpar pop-up coverage tents.

A self storage unit solves those concerns quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, DAK offers rows of drive up units with tones of aisle space for easy maneuvering.

Theft Reduction

One evening you park your bike out front of your house, and the next morning you wake up to an empty driveway.

Motorcycle theft is lucrative business, and every rider needs to be aware of it. Walking off with a bike tends to be a lot less troublesome than breaking into a car. Even if a car is unlocked, it’s more difficult to roll away without having to start the engine. Motorcycle theft tends to be quick and quiet.

DAK Self Storage is a completely fenced facility with keycode access entrance only. In addition, each storage unit utilizes cylinder locks which are extremely tamper resistant. DAK also has installed a state of the art video monitoring system that runs 24/7.

You care about the well-being of your bike, and so do we.

Park and Play

Some tenants need to store their bikes for long periods of time. They don’t intend to ride them frequently. Other individuals want to use their storage unit as a substitute garage. When garaging, tenants often like to park their regular vehicle nearby in order to take the bike out for the day.

We can work with both kinds of tenants, however we like to discuss it upfront before beginning storage. We can settle matters of where to park when riding and when opening/closing hours take place.

Maintenance on Site

One important stipulation to storing motorcycles on site is being sure not to conduct maintenance. As you know, maintenance can get messy in a hurry. A simple problem can turn into a full-on project.

We want to keep DAK’s facilities as clean and well kept as possible, so all maintenance should be done off-site.

Unit Size Recommendations

Outdoor drive-up units are ideal for storage. But when it comes to size, we often recommend 5×10, 10×10, 10×15, or 10×20.

For a a single bike, the 5×10 should be plenty. If you have two bikes or a bunch of other stuff to store, you can upgrade the size accordingly.

If you’d like to browse the sizes available, click here.

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Why not store in a bike friendly environment?

Call us at 610-926-1310, or reach out using our online consult form. If you know you’re interested in a storage unit, start browsing here.

For more information on DAK location, visit here. We hope to see you soon!