Leesport PA and Reading PA both have healthy motorcycle cultures. In fact, Classic Harley Davidson is located just minutes from town center. Many fun and exciting bike rallies have been held in the area and have been supported by local businesses and residents.

Of course, the tricky thing about owning a motorcycle in Pennsylvania is managing the weather. When winter hits there can be prolonged stretches of bleak, icy, cold weather that is simply inhospitable to bike riding. As such, many bike owners also own secondary modes of transportation. That leaves a lot of individuals asking the same question – where do I store my bike?

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Convenient Bike Storage off of Route 61

DAK Self Storage is located one block off of Route 61, the main highway running through Leesport. The location is perfect for motorcycles due to it’s central positioning in town. Many tenants also enjoy the fact that the facility sits slightly back of of the highway, making it quieter, safer, and more pleasant.

The storage facility itself features drive-up keycode pinpads that allow access to our entirely fenced grounds. The driveways between each bank of strage units are extra wide to allow for easy navigation as well as pull-up of trailers. The facility is also video monitored 24/7 to ensure a higher level of customer security.

DAK has made motorcycle storage easy, convenient, and affordable!

Classic Harley Davidson Customers Welcome

DAK owner Joe Krezdorn is a Harley Davidson owner and supports the local business Classic Harley Davidson. If you’re looking for a storage facility that understands the needs and concerns of motorcycle ownership and maintenance, DAK is the right storage center for you.

It’s not uncommon to hear a little motorcycle talk if you bump into Joe as he works carefully to maintain the DAK facility. In fact, if you have questions about storing your bike you can call him directly at 610-926-1310. He is always willing to help!

Reserve a Unit Today and Get Your First Month’s Storage for $1

DAK Self Storage is able to reserve units online. When you are browsing available sizes keep an eye out for the gold star. Starred units are eligible for our $1 first month rent special!

Browse our units here.