If you live in a small home or apartment, learning to maximize your living space is essential. You may not have room for big furniture or lots of cool belongings, but you can make your home feel bigger than it is. All you have to do is think creatively and learn how to make the right choices. At DAK Self storage in Leesport, we know how to utilize small storage areas. We can help you make the most of what area you have so that your home, apartment or dorm room is comfortable.

Embrace Small Furniture

Big furniture can make small homes look cluttered like a DAK Self-Storage unit. Buying small furniture will help you make your room look bigger by comparison. You may lose table or sitting space to spread out, but you will leave more area to move around.

Some small home owners just choose to buy fewer pieces of average-sized furniture. However, if you buy smaller furniture, you can fit more.  Then you won’t have to miss out on some of those homey touches.  Small furniture typically costs less than large furniture.

Buy Folding Furniture

If you don’t want to sacrifice furniture size, consider retractable furniture. Find a table that can fold up when you are not using it expand when you need it. Get a sofa that can fold out into a bed so guests can spend the night. Buy chairs that can be stacked or stools that can be tucked away under the table. Bunk beds can also help maximize your space in the bedroom. Folding furniture is also easier to organize in a moving truck or DAK Self-Storage unit if you plan on moving soon.

Buy Furniture with Storage Space

If small or fold-up furniture is not your preference, try to buy storage furniture. Many manufacturers make furniture the incorporate drawers, cabinets, or shelves. This helps you keep extra supplies out of sight and mind. Some furniture is so well designed that you can’t even tell that there are drawers or cabinets. This gives you a great place to hide valuable items.

Be a Minimalist

Becoming a minimalist offers a variety of benefits. You can save time cleaning, save money, and increase your storing space. The trick is to keep everything simple. Don’t buy a lot of knickknacks or extra décor. Make sure everything has a place and stay organized. Decorative storage containers can help you keep your home looking great. If you already have many items, consider storing what you don’t need at DAK Self-Storage.

Use Mirrors and Light Colors

There are ways other than furniture to make your home look bigger. Light colors reflect more light which will make the room seem open and airy. Dark colors absorb the light and make the area seem small. Mirrors also reflect light to make your room look bigger. They can make the light bounce deeper into the room to make it appear larger.

Maximize Vertical Space

Another visual trick involves maximizing your vertical space. Break your vertical space into sections by using horizontal lines. One way to accomplish this is to add a decorative border around the room. Another option is adding tall shelving or cubicles. This will split your vertical space into multiple levels to make the room look taller. Tall shelving will also give you more storage space in your home or DAK Self-Storage unit.

Maximize Corners

Putting furniture in the corners can also help you maximize your space. Empty corners create dead space which isn’t appealing to the eye. By placing a desk, table, or storage piece in the corner you can add another focal point to the room. Keeping your furniture in the corners and around the edges will help open up the center of the room. This will open up the area and give you more room to move around.