leesport market produceAnyone who’s spent even a brief amount of time in Leesport, PA will come to know and love the Farmer’s Market. The Market is a broad gathering of vendors and shoppers that puts a wide variety of produce, crafts, livestock, and delicious foods at the fingertips of locals.

The tradition of the market stems all the way back to the 1940s as the Weist family purchased a swath of land for livestock auctioning. Since then the establishment has grown and expanded it’s diversity, resulting in what we see today – a little something for everyone.

Where to Go with the Goods?

We’ve lived here for most of our lives, so we know the general ins-and-outs of market life. One thing we’ve often wondered – where do the vendors go with all of their wares? After all, they can’t leave their stands up from week to week. They have to put up and and tear down every time the market opens for business.

Some individuals secure large trailers for their products. Others utilize simple trucks and SUVs. But when it comes to mass quantity of products or large, bulky items, these solutions can be costly and annoying.

We realized that we were in a position to help at DAK Self Storage! We are only 5 minutes away from the market fairgrounds, and have easy drive-up storage units. The size of the units vary depending on need, and the pricing is very affordable.

If You’re A Vendor, Store Nearby!leesport market crafts

Why go through all the travel hassle with your entire stock every time you want to sell at the market? Utilize DAK Self Storage and make your market life all the more fun and enjoyable.

Contact us today – 610-926-1310 – or utilize our online unit reservation system.