On Friday 05/14/2010, I was down at the picnic area that my HOA owns. I discovered four large trash bags and miscellaneous debris. So I Notified the Bern Township Police Department to have it reported. I  disposed of it, filling our two trash cans at home. On Monday 05/17/2010, I was on the trail above the parking area and noticed a Ford Ranger Pickup truck with a blue tarp covering the load. Wondering who it was, I went down to ask who they were and what they were doing here as it is private property. One of them Jason S. told me that they used to fish here with some friends from the area and he was showing his brother from the city the river.  He mentioned some people my daughter went to school with. I politely informed him he was on private property and I did not care who he knew. I then proceeded to asked them, what was in the truck and if they were planning to dump it here? He said it was scrap wood they were going to take to a storage facility in Fleetwood. I did not tell him we own DAK Self Storage and I think his story is BS.

We chatted a for a short while. Curious to see what was under the tarp I asked to see. They both walked over with me and said sure. When Jason pulled back the tarp to reveal what was under the tarp, all i saw was a truck load of small scraps of old deck material and “red” I asked why they were going to store scrap at a storage facility. Jason S. told me they use it to build steps and things. I told him that there is no way they could build anything out of this scrap.

I Noticed a Business magnet with the name Blank Blank Enterprises along with a phone number on the tailgate. So I decided to call. Jason told me a guy named Dan would answer. Sure enough Dan answered and I asked what his guys were going to do with the scrap wood on the truck. He told me they were taking it to the “DUMP” and asked me where they were? I told him they were on private property along the Schuylkill River. Dan said oh the place by Crosskeys Bridge, we fish there all the time. (It must be another dump spot for them). At that point I advised Dan, no it looks they were going to dump it here on private property. I am not sure if Dan paid the guys to take to dump and then they would pocket the cash? I then told Jason and his brother to get the “F” off of our property. Jason asked to talk with Dan so I put him on speaker. Jason said “Dan this is the stuff we are supposed to take to the storage place in Fleetwood, You know. ” After a brief pause Dan said oh that stuff. Yeah that is going to storage. I said I did not believe them and persisted they leave. As they were getting in the truck I told them if I see that trash in Bern Township I will report them.

Again I notified Bern Township Police and Officer M. came to get information from me. I gave him the  plate #, Phone #, and names. Officer M told me since they did not dump anything yet he will try to charge them with Criminal Trespassing. He said give him until Thursday as he will be off  shift until then. The officer told me the illegal dumping is why they chained off the small park next to our property two weeks ago. They can’t dump there anymore so down the dirt road they go.

I went home and decided to glove up and go through the trash left the prior week as my trash does not come until Wednesday. I immediately found some mail addressed to (get this) Christina S. The same last name as Jason, 1032 ________Street, Apt2, Reading, PA 19604. I drove down to the Police station and showed Officer M. the mail. He chuckled and said that is the same address the truck is registered to. I told him I would also like them charged with Illegal Dumping. I told him this is the trash I reported last week. He said he thinks he still may only be able to get them for Trespassing. I do not understand that, but he said he will contact me after he interviews the truck owner and driver on Thursday.

I was told at another time that the defendant could tell the judge they paid someone to dispose of their trash and get off. That is when if I were the Judge Demand to see that persons name and address with a receipt. This is a perfect example of laws that protect the criminal and are no help to a victim

You may not think this a big deal, but had this been the remnants or by-products of a meth lab all of my HOA would be responsible for the cleanup. Which the cost can range anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000.

The driver and his brother were cited for Criminal Trespass