Valuable items are probably the most important thing you will store because they are, well, valuable. So, of course you’ll want to carefully select the storage location and conditions. Some valuables you may need to store include pieces of jewelry, china, silverware or other family heirlooms, inherited or purchased works of art, historical books or documents, antiques or collections you want to preserve and mature for value, or any expensive items you use only occasionally.

jewelry storage

General Storage Conditions For Valuables

Whatever type of valuable you need to store, here are some general conditions to keep items optimally preserved:

  • Keep a steady temperature around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maintain humidity around 35-50 percent
  • Choose acid-free containers or wrapping materials
  • Keep a record of valuables including brief descriptions and photographs

Best Locations to Store Valuables

The best locations to store valuables include:

  • A secure, climate-controlled self storage unit
  • A temperature controlled vault or safe in your home
  • A safety deposit box

If you want to keep valuables in your home, avoid the garage, attic, or basement because these are prone to humidity and extreme temperatures that can damage items. Choose a cool, upstairs location that remains climate controlled and safe from moisture.

Why Self Storage is Ideal for Valuables

A climate controlled indoor self storage unit is the ideal place to store valuables for a few reasons:

1. Security

Self storage locations will probably have many more security measures than your home. DAK’s security features include:

  • Fence enclosed facility
  • Accessible by keypad gate only, during operating hours
  • 24/7 video surveillance system that uses over 20 cameras
  • Every storage unit protected by a tamper resistant lock
  • Additional keypad access on indoor units

2. Affordable Insurance

Self storage insurance is often much more affordable than insuring items in your home. DAK is partnered with Storsmart and you will have the opportunity to purchase a policy when you sign your storage agreement. Plans are affordable and customized to the value of your items. Even if you choose self storage for other reasons, it is a good idea to purchase insurance on valuable items in the case of unforeseen circumstances. If it’s worth the money to store, it’s worth the money to ensure.

3. Climate Control

You can guarantee that temperature and humidity will remain steady, protecting items from excess moisture. Indoor units generally cost $5-$10 more a month to cover electricity costs. However, the cost will probably be worth it for your peace of mind. You will never have to worry about your items becoming too cold, too hot, or exposed to the elements.