storing fragile itemsProper preparation and packing of fragile items before placing them in storage is key. A little extra time and care can go a long way in preserving items like fine china, glass and crystal items, or any other breakable things you may need to store.These items are more likely to be broken in transit and while in storage. Follow these tips to increase the chances they’ll stay safe.

General Storage Conditions for Fragile Items

Glass and fragile items are prone to damage through too much fluctuation in humidity and temperature or exposure to the elements. A climate-controlled indoor unit is ideal to avoid this. Choose a unit with a steady, cool temperature. Always store fragile items in container and choose the sturdiest possible. Consider purchasing containers designed specifically for certain items (such as plates or wine glasses), especially if they will be stored long term. Always label all boxes for easier access. You don’t want to have to dig through every container and unwrap a bunch of items to get to that china you need for Thanksgiving! When loading boxes onto moving vehicles and storage units, always place the heaviest boxes at the bottom.

Preparing Fragile Items for Storage

Line the sides of your container with a solid cushion of filler material such as bubble wrap or newspaper. Line the bottom of the container with filler material, packing peanuts, or old towels. Avoid overpacking boxes because weight can easily add up and weaken the cardboard. If you’re storing in plastic, you won’t have this problem, but too much weight could make it very difficult to lift. On the other hand, avoid underpacking because this can cause items to shift and break in transit. Find a medium ground and be sure to fill in all gaps solidly with packing material.

Storing Dishes and Plates

  • Avoid placing dishes flat in the box or container
  • Place dishes on their sides inside the box or container and use filler material to keep them in place
  • You can also purchase cardboard or plastic dividers to keep the plates steady.

Storing Cups and Glasses

  • Fill cups with packing materials and wrap in bubble wrap or newspapers
  • Place these upright in the storage container, as you would place them on a table
  • If storing multiple items in one container, always place cups and glasses towards the top
  • Be aware of breakable glass stems on wine glasses.