macro-1841013_960_720Vinyl records are making a comeback! Music lovers enjoy the nostalgic sound that you just can’t get from digital music or CDs. You may be dusting off your old collection or just starting a new collection. Either way, DAK Self-Storage offers useful tips for properly cleaning and storing your collection.

Are you in need of a place to store your records? DAK Self-Storage can help with that too. Our Leesport facility is safe and convenient. If you live in the Berks County area, your records are always just a short drive away.

Why is Properly Cleaning and Storing Important?

If the album is important to you, you will want to preserve it well so you can listen to it for years to come. Maybe you plan on handing down your collection to your son or daughter. On the other hand, you may just want to sell your collection for top dollar. Either way, DAK Self-Storage believes that protecting will pay off in the long run.

Vinyl records are affected by the environment around them. Over time, moisture, dust, and other elements can damage your record. These elements can warp, scratch, or wear down the vinyl. Then your record will skip, not play, or just sound awful. No one wants that. By taking a little extra time to cleaning your record, you can keep every note sounding beautiful.


Cleaning vinyl can be tricky. There are different ways you can choose to clean a record. Unfortunately, most options have potential to damage the disc in some way. DAK Self-Storage recommends making sure that the record does not get dirty in the first place. Keep it away from kids, pets, dusty areas, etc. Even the oil on your hands can affect the record. Try to hold the record by the edges when putting it on a turntable. Dust off the turntable as well.

The best way to clean your record is by using a vinyl cleaning machine. This instrument is specially designed to clean records safely. Unfortunately, it is expensive. Unless you are a serious collector, a vinyl cleaning machine is not cost-effective.

If your records are just dusty, you can use a carbon fiber brush to wipe away the dirt. If you do not have one, you can try using a cloth for cleaning glasses. It is important to be gentle. Pushing too hard can cause scratches. If absolutely necessary, you can use soap and water. Make sure the soap does not leave residue behind. Before using this method, search for detailed instructions for cleaning your records. This will help ensure your vinyl does not get damaged.

turntable-1208177_960_720Protecting and Packaging

When storing your collection at DAK Self-Storage, be sure to use the proper supplies. High-density polyethylene sleeves will help keep debris and moisture out. Other storage materials risk chemical reactions that can damage the sound quality. Once in sleeves, you can organize them into acid-free and lignin-fee cardboard boxes. Avoid metal-based boxes as the static charge can alter your vinyl.

When packing your records in boxes, place them vertically in a row. If you place them flat on top of each other, the weight can cause lower records to bend or break. Make sure you leave some spacing between each disc or use dividers so they have room to breathe. Organizing your records by category and labeling each box will help you find them easily.


Be sure to use strong shelving so that the records are supported. Many records will get heavy. If the shelves break, your entire collection may be destroyed. You should also store similarly-sized records together.

You should always store your collection in a climate-controlled area. Vinyl cannot handle extreme temperatures. They should also be stored in a dry, clean spot with little light.  If your home lacks space, DAK Self-Storage can provide a safe environment for records. You can browse available units here: