apartment clutterAt DAK Self Storage, we provide easy-access to your unit, but it’s up to you to organize it. Whether you’ve had your storage unit for years or it’s brand new, an organization plan is alway beneficial. Consideration of how you organize items can ensure you efficiently manage and navigate your unit. Otherwise, you might just end up with a big, stressful pile of random stuff. We want it to be simple for you unpack and store belongings and a storage plan will help you maximize space and easily access items whenever you need them. Here are some tips on organizing your storage unit so you you can reach your items hassle-free.

Maximize Storage Space

  • Gather boxes and plastic containers
  • Take advantage of drawers and shelves
  • Stack boxes and containers
  • Create a center aisle

Use boxes and plastic storage containers in your unit, but also take advantage of unexpected storage space. For example, are you storing shelves, dressers, or desks? These can double as storage space. Drawers can be using for clothing and smaller items.

Don’t have any furniture to store for extra space? No problem: Stacking boxes and containers will also help maximize space. Always remember to place heavier boxes at the bottom.

Also, you can create a center aisle in your unit when placing boxes to easily maneuver inside it. Remember to keep any boxes you will access regularly towards the front of the unit.

stress free movingKeep an Inventory List of Items

  • Group similar items together in boxes
  • Keep a general description of what’s in each box
  • Update list when adding or removing items
  • List approximate value of expensive items

Keep a list of items in your storage unit. It may be tedious to list every single item, so categorize items and list a general description of what’s in each box. You can store items together in a range of categories: item function, owner, location, time of year, ect. Some examples include: college, holiday, outdoor, cooking, or baby. Storing similar items together will make it much easy to accurately label and find things.   In addition, make it a habit to mark anything added to or taken out of the unit each time you leave.

An added benefit of developing a list of items you store is insurance purposes. You will have a detailed list of items just in case anything were to happen to your unit. If storing valuable items, such as electronics or sports equipments, always list the price you paid and the year purchased.

Use a Labeling System

Using the inventory list of items in your storage unit, you can create a labeling system. Number every box on your list. Write corresponding numbers on the boxes, or use sticky notes to number plastic containers. You can also create a numbered floor plan to hang on the wall if your unit is especially large.