pinball-296568_960_720Pinball machines are making a comeback. They are one memory many nostalgic collectors want in their collection. It’s a centerpiece for your home to show off to guests as well as an interactive game to play when you are bored. Pinball is a classic game that any age can enjoy. That’s why it was one of the first games to be installed on computers.

If you have a pinball machine, it is likely one of your favorite assets. You want to take proper care of it so it can last long. Maybe you plan to pass it down to your kids one day, or maybe you want to sell it to someone else who will appreciate it. Either way, it is important to learn how to protect and store your pinball machine. DAK Self-Storage in Leesport is dedicated to helping you store and protect your possessions.

Storing at Home

One important aspect you have to think about is where you are going to display your pinball machine. You can put it in a room near the front door where everyone can see it or you can tuck it away in your garage or basement. DAK Self-Storage recommends storing it only in a room with climate control. Also, be sure that the room stays dry and has low humidity. Too much moisture can damage the parts or cause corrosion.

Use DAK Self-Storage for Temporary Storage

DAK Self-Storage is here to help if you need a place to temporarily store your pinball machine. We provide a safe, dry, and clean facility for any items you may need to store. DAK Self-Storage has climate control to keep your pinball machines, electronics, and furniture protected.  You can find available DAK Self-Storage units with climate control here:

Getting proper insurance is also recommended. While thefts are rare, they are not unheard of. DAK Self-Storage also provides locks and video surveillance to keep your pinball machine safe.

Moving a Pinball Machine

pinball-280786_960_720Pinball machines can be heavy and difficult to move. Be sure to find a friend to help you move your pinball machine. DAK Self-Storage recommends using a dolly to easily push the machine across the floor. Cover the glass over the playfield with a sheet or cardboard. To ensure safety, use a strap to hold the head (which usually folds over) to the playfield.  You should also put cardboard over the corners to prevent wear or injuries. Some owners prefer to store their pinball machine vertically to save room.

If you are renting a DAK Self-Storage unit, every foot of space counts. The more room the save, the more you can store.


You should always clean and inspect any item before storing it away at DAK Self-Storage. Even if it isn’t in storage you should clean it regularly. If you display it at home, you may not have to do so as often. You can get away with waxing your pinball machine only every few hundred games. If you display it at a restaurant or business, you will need to clean much more often. With more people touching it, it will get dirty and wear faster. In this case, you should clean and wax every few weeks.

A pinball machine has many different components composed of different materials. Be sure to use the right cleaners for the right components. You will need wax and cleaner for the playfield and glass cleaner for the glass case. You may also need metal or rubber cleaner for other parts. If your machine needs some paint touch-ups, be sure to buy those supplies as well.

pinball-179631_960_720Each pinball machine owner may have a preferred brand. There is not an agreed upon “best” brand. DAK Self-Storage recommends doing some research. Use the brand that works best for you and your machine. Some factors to consider are materials, age, etc. Use a microfiber cloth to apply cleaners and be gentle so you do not damage any parts. Remove any debris before storing in a DAK Self-Storage unit.


After a while, all the bouncing wears down certain parts of your pinball machine. The flipper and ball are two of the components you will need to inspect and replace the most. You can expect to replace the flipper after approximately every one million hits. You should inspect the ball often to make sure it is perfectly spherical and shiny. Dents and damage to any component will affect your game and the path the ball takes.

DAK Self-Storage recommends contacting a professional for repairs. If the machine is properly maintained, it will last longer. The longer it lasts, the more people will be able to play and enjoy it. Undamaged machines are also much more valuable.