When discussing “most stored items” self storage owners are usually quick to mention furniture. It makes sense – furniture is extremely expensive and bulky. There are many different instances when individuals need to make space and don’t want to throw away their investments in furniture. The most logical solution is self storage.

DAK Self Storage has helped many tenants solve their furniture problems. Let’s look at some of the most common scenarios of furniture self storage and how we’ve manage to find solutions for customers:

furniture storage

Bulk Drive up Furniture Suites

Sometimes people don’t have just one or two chairs to store, they have entire rooms or even houses worth. In those situations the owners rent a large moving truck or van and have everything loaded in. Of course, the bulkiness of the truck and furniture can cause a problem when it comes to actually accessing a storage unit. Luckily, DAK was built with extra wide aisles in all the outdoor storage rows. That means trucks of varying sizes can back right up to a unit and unload without having to worry about long distance carrying, steps, or difficult cornering.

Sensitive and Antique Furniture

When it comes to folding tables, chairs, chests, etc there is no real risk of environmental damage. As long as the pieces are locked up securely and out of the elements they’ll be fine. However, some antique and sensitive pieces of furniture are susceptible to temperature and air moisture changes. To keep these pieces safe DAK offers climate controlled indoor storage. The indoor units come in a wide variety of sizes and the facility has dollies on site for easy moving.

Furniture Safety Packaging

Weird edges, angles, and materials are all par for the course when trying to pack furniture. If tenants need an extra layer of safety when stacking pieces they can visit our on-site supply shop. We offer a wide variety of packing materials, including bubble wrap, boxes, tape, tie straps, and more.

 Unit Browsing

If you’re curious about what kind of unit size might be right for you we have some online resources for your perusal. If you’d like to learn about how much each unit size can fit, read our sizing guide here. If you’d like to see what units are available and the monthly cost of each, visit our online rental service here.