If you live around Reading or Leesport, PA and are getting ready to move, you’ll inevitably need to acquire some boxes.

Boxes are not something many of us keep around the house in mass quantities. They’re big and bulky, even if you break them down. As such, when moving time comes, it can be a scramble to find supplies. Even when you do find someone with boxes, they may be ill-sized, damaged, or otherwise unusable.

Allow us to provide a little assistance! First, here are a few places you might be able to go for free boxes.

Free Boxes

They may not be the best quality, but if you can get your hands on some free boxes…why not? The following are some places to call or drop an email to:

  • Liquor Stores / Beer Distributors
  • Grocery Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Your place of work
  • Friends and family
  • Facebook and Twitter connections

Hopefully reaching out to a few of these resources can get you started on the right path to box success. But, if you need high quality boxes and shipping supplies, consider…

DAK Self Storage Box Supply Shop

DAK Self Storage has a fully functioning supply shop. In fact, a great many of our customers are individuals who are moving and need temporary storage space for all of their belongings. If you think you might benefit from some extra storage, browse our units here.

As for boxes, we offer high quality cardboard items, broken down for easy transport, in the following sizes:supplies

  • Small Box (12″)
  • Medium Box (16″)
  • Large Box (20″)

We also offer a wide variety of tape, packing peanuts bubble wrap, etc.

Our pricing is very competitive. We do not inflate prices in our supply shop.

Give Us a Buzz, We’ll Be There For You

If you’d like to make sure you gain access to the supply shop at a convenient time, simply call us at 610-926-1310 or reach out using our online form. We can inform you of common working hours or arrange for someone to be there when you need access.

We hope to help you soon!