Divorce is a difficult subject to discuss, especially from a practical perspective. With so many heavy emotions it is a topic we all generally like to pretend won’t effect us.

The truth is that divorce effects an exceptionally large amount of couples and there are a handful of ways divorcees can make the difficult process a little easier.

With the myriad of bills and issues to sort through, including who gets what in the settlement, it’s easy to overlook what you’ll actually do with the items you end up with. After all, there is a strong possibility you may have to move out of your current residence. This article is here to remind you that self storage is a practical and ideal temporary solution for all your possessions.

How Divorcees Use Self Storage

One of the most difficult parts of the divorce process is splitting up money, belongings, and custody time (should it apply). Splitting up belongings is the only aspect that requires significant physical labor and hiring of outside parties to do moving and storage.

When the decisions have been made as to who retains certain possessions, clearing those possessions avoids any incidences such as theft, breaking, or selling on the part of the other party. To avoid complications, it is recommended that divorcees take their legally granted possessions to a secure location as quickly as possible.

Some individuals wonder if they might be able to hide belongings before a divorce is started (or completed). Often the law will track down all assets so this tactic is not one that is recommended.

The Benefits of Short Term Storage After Divorce

Sometimes when getting divorced one or both parties will be forced to vacate their current home. When that happens it can be difficult securing a full time residency somewhere else before the divorce hits and movement of possessions is required. In those instances short term storage is the ideal solution for keeping belongings and avoiding liquidation while in transit.

The amount of items retained by an individual is fairly inconsequential as storage units come in a wide variety of sizes, both indoor and outdoor, capable of handling furniture, vehicles, and more.

Privacy and Sensitivity During Storage

Divorce tends to be a very private matter and individuals do not want their “dirty laundry” aired around the neighborhood. DAK Self Storage is a locally owned business with an invested commitment to local tenants. Individuals who live in Leesport, Reading, or Berks County can trust DAK with their privacy.

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