One or two times per month I get a letter from Comcast Cable addressed to DAK Self Storage, asking for me to sign up for their Triple play. This is Phone, TV, and Internet for the low price of $99.00.  I decided to do some research and found it would in fact be cheaper than my phone bill and DSL Internet combined. Plus I would get Television too. Since we moved the office inside the fence, I no longer have television in the office. We plan on getting security camera’s with a large monitor. I could then switch back and forth between the security view and cable news or the Discovery channel while I am here.

About a year ago, I called the 800 number on the flyer. I told the sales representative that cable was not connected to  the property. He asked for the address. I told him it is  DAK Self Storage, 25 Peach Street, Leesport, PA 19533. He told me they don’t have cable to my address. Ummm, that’s what I just told him. He told me he could see if they could get us connected. He will send out someone to check it out. He asked if I could meet with the person? I told him yes. A few days later a contractor came to meet with me. I showed him where I wanted to install the Triple play. He took some measurements and told me he was going to see where the nearest hub was. At least I think that was the term he used? He said I would receive an estimate to hook up. I told him Comcast should run the cable here for free. I am, after all going to have to pay them a monthly fee. He said I don’t know what it will cost, someone will get back to me. About a week later the sales representative called me and said he is emailing me the quote.  I almost fell off my desk chair, $16,000! I told him “NO WAY”. If you can’t do it for free I can stick with what I have, after all it works just fine. If I really want TV I will buy a Direct TV dish and bring a receiver from home.

I continued getting these letters for the Triple Play and decided to call again. Maybe they will do it for free, since they are sending me the letters. After all they now know Cable does not come to this address. I called and they sent out another guy to look things over. About a week went buy and I get the email with a cost of about $3000. The price came down a lot, but I am still not going to pay to have a monthly bill. I called again and was told that was the best they could do. I will wait awhile and give a call when I get another flyer addressed to the place they know has no cable. Maybe if the stopped wasting postage on me and thousands of others they could do it for free.

Hello… Comcast cable, I want to pay you monthly for your service. You just won’t let me. Call me: DAK Self Storage, 610-926-1310, 25 Peach Street,Leesport,PA 19533