hot summer sunSpring time is in full bloom here in Berks County, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Although the Winter was mild, it’s good to be able to walk around in shorts or ride a motorcycle at will.

Of course, as the seasons tend to do around here, we’ll swing into severe heat before too long.

We want to take this time, way ahead of schedule, to remind you that some belongings in storage can’t handle the Summer heat. Outdoor units will protect your belongings, but they are not temperature controlled. That means if you have any sensitive items like artwork or wine, they will be at serious risk.

Consider your options for indoor units. The climate controlled building provides a wide range of unit sizes, so anything that doesn’t require drive up accessibility is fair game. The units are comfortable and convenient, and even give you a little break from the heat as you walk around.

The entire DAK campus is monitored 24/7 by video surveillance, including the indoor hallways. That means you can trust no tampering will occur under the cover of darkness and without someone noticing.

Let’s keep your belongings safe together. Give us a call or browse some of our available units. We can arrange for a fresh additional unit for you, or a transfer if you already have some outdoor space reserved.