Sad but true – Reading, PA is often cited in the top 10 most dangerous cities in it’s population class. It has an extremely high number of crimes involving violence and property theft (learn more at Neighborhood Scout and Morgan Quinto).

According to, Reading had 1,321 incidences of burglary in 2009 and 1,872 cases of larceny and theft. These numbers tend to trend above the national average.

So what are Reading residents to do?

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Residents have to be conscious of safety and property rights, and make active decisions to preserve them both.

The first and most important factor is removing excess property from the home. Most cases of theft are out of vehicles and homes as opposed to professional facilities. Self Storage warehouses provide varying levels of security, from cameras to high test locks and keycode entry.

By moving possessions out of the home and into professional storage, residents in Reading can rest a little easier knowing that a break-in will not result in a complete loss.

The next matter to consider is where to store. At first glance, it might seem appropriate to use whichever facility is closest. In that way, you can access your items quickly. However, the closest facility may reside in a high crime area…or be close enough to one to be a frequent target.

A smart idea is taking your storage outside of the city limits, to one of the nearby towns that offer better security and minimal foot traffic.

Among your options is DAK Self Storage. Of course, you might be thinking that since we are a self storage facility outside of Reading that this article is skewed toward our perspective. The truth is that the statistics and crime habits stated above are not subject to our interpretation – these are the facts of city living in Reading.

Our goal is to bring awareness to the options residents have and provide reliable self storage away from the main hussle and bussle of the city.

We hope you’ll consider us. Please reach out if you have any questions.