kutztown storage boxes

Are you about to start your first semester at college? You have a lot of fun to look forward to: new experiences, a new city to explore, and new people to meet! But before you start this exciting journey, you have to get all your stuff packed and moved to your new place. Here are some packing and moving tips for the class of 2018.

1. Start with a check-list of what you’ll need

Whether you’re moving into an apartment or a dorm, do some research beforehand to find out what is provided and what you’ll need to bring.  Here’s a brief list of things you might need:

  • Extra-long twin sheets, pillow, comforter, mattress pad
  • Shower flip-flops, shower caddy, toiletries, towels
  • Earplugs
  • Extension cords
  • Clothes for class, going out, and lazy days
  • Flash-drive
  • Kindle, iPad, or e-reader for textbooks

2. Decide what you don’t need to bring

You essentially are moving your entire life in one day. Anywhere you can save space will be a great help. Figure out if there are things you can buy when you arrive at school, such as toiletries and snacks. Talk with your roommate about sharing certain items like the TV, roku, or mini-fridge. Most apartments come furnished with a full kitchen. Many dorms will provide mini-fridges and microwaves now if they are permitted. Printing is often free for students in the library, so you probably won’t need a printer. Save on space by waiting to buy decorations and posters at your school’s poster sale.

3. Don’t forget seasonal items

When you move-in in August, it’s still hot out and you’ll probably need shorts, flip-flops, and tank tops. But the fall and winter seasons will quickly arrive and you’ll want sweaters, boots, and scarves. For some of you, it won’t be possible to make a trip back home for these items once the school year starts and you will have limited space in your dorm or apartment. Consider storing colder-weather items in a local self-storage unit until you need them.

4. How will you transport it?

Get all the transportation details figured out well in advance. Can you fit everything in your car or will you need a moving van? Or are you moving so far that you need to take a plane and ship stuff by mail? If you have a long distance to travel between home and school, it might be a good idea to invest in a self storage unit. You can store seasonal items there year-round. You can also keep your moving supplies like bins and boxes for the stuff you do need to move back and forth.

If you’re attending a college or university in Berks County, such as Penn State Berks, Alvernia University, Kutztown University, or Albright College, DAK Self Storage is the perfect self storage location for you!