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The Pros and Cons of Using Self-Storage

For some situations using DAK Self-Storage is a no brainer. Other times you need to consider your options before you can make the decision that is right for you.  There are a variety of aspects to consider including price, time, storing conditions, and more. It could take

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Tips for Combining Households

There are many reasons to move in with someone new. Maybe you just got married, maybe you are testing a relationship, or maybe you just need some help paying rent for the time being. Whatever your reason, moving in together is a big step. Essentially, you are

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Downsizing after Your Kids Move Out

While your kids take many of their belongings when they move out or leave for college, they still may leave plenty behind. Dorm rooms and starter homes are often small. They likely can’t take all their furniture or unnecessary belongings with them. Then you are left with

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Use DAK Self-Storage to Renovate Your Attic or Basement

Are you renovating your attic or basement soon? Renovating is a big, time-consuming project. If you don’t plan everything out ahead of time, you may run into problem after problem. DAK Self-Storage can help ease the chaos in a variety of ways. If you lack storage space,

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